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Langkah Mitra Consulting propose to be a partner to manage Micro, small & Medium Enterprise (MSME) development program for a big companies who has this program as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We named this program as Business Incubation or Business Development Services. Outsourcing the CSR program is not new anymore and become needs in the future. CSR program which can empower society by developing the ability of MSME owner will give winter ball effect which can be more effective.

Business Incubation or Business Development Services which is managed by Langkah Mitra Consulting is an incubation program for MSME, they will get training, coaching from the selected business expert who has been approved their capabilities in handling their own enterprise. This program is expected to produce a premium micro, small & medium enterprise owner which will be part of supply chain & distribution of company products / services.

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